Attractive and quality fabrics for embroidery and printing

Cheap and high quality textile materials for your advertising and leisure 


Click here to download our catalog, PDF - Catalogue  (approx. 50MB)


Textilien Polo Herren Stickerei TextilwerbungHandtuchWe provide you with high quality textiles for the betterment of your professional textiles. Of course we also offer the possibility of your own, brought to embroider, textiles.

If you need your textile fabrics for advertising, you will find a large selection of our textiles and links to our partner son our website . Our fabrics are in varying price ranges, and may vary according to your wishes to opt for cheaper as well as for high-quality textile materials. 


We offer a wide assortment of shirts, polos, sweaters, T-shirts, towels, bathrobes, jackets, caps, etc. We will, of course, help you find your desired textile articles.




We have a large selection of fabrics and colors:
only a small excerpt from our stock in 1020 Vienna!




Click here to download our catalog, PDF - Catalog (approx. 50MB) 


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Jackets, shirts, caps, running clothes, bags, polos and more.

Textiles of various brands (Hanes, B & C, Fashion Tunes, Russell, Myrtle Beach …)


Women (Examples)

Shirt Damen
Men (Examples)

Herren T-Shirt
Polo Damen Polo Herren
Sweater Damen Herren Sweater
Hemd Damen Hemd Herren
Jacke Damen Herren Jacke